Training Manual: Rare Book Photography

Photo+Design (a division of Yale University ITS / Academic Technologies), has created a free introductory guide to handling rare books and other works on paper in libraries' special collections. Your friendly YWGBH co-organizer, Bryn, wrote the text, which was vetted by Yale conservators and curators.

"Rare Book Photography: An Introduction" explains handling and photographic practices that support libraries' preservation aims and the needs of researchers in clear language accompanied by many illustrations from Yale's Medical Historical and Law Libraries.

The PDF located here is perfect for home printing, forwarding to colleagues or viewing online. A 20MB file is available, which you may give your printer if you have copies made by a professional. Email to receive the high resolution file. Photo+Design also welcomes your feedback concerning the guide and suggestions for other guide topics.

About Bryn Savage

Bryn received her PhD in German Literature at Yale and in May 2012, writing a dissertation on the development of the poetic anthology in the latter half of the 18th century.
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2 Responses to Training Manual: Rare Book Photography

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  2. Ben says:

    Hey, this introductory guide was really a great idea, thanks!